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           Zhejiang xingshitong HD video cloud platform experience center technical support unit: China Telecom, star blockbuster, the world 500 strong communications giant: Cisco system company, the United States Polycom, Inc.. June 2015 with China universal optical fiber reached a strategic partner, and China Telecom to build the first domestic cloud based technology, the world's largest cloud platform.
             Star blockbuster video cloud service, users only need to have international video communication number, in place (3G, 4G, WiFi, cable or VPN) network, through different brands of hardware video conference terminal, Ann Zhuo / Apple IOS system mobile terminal, windows/Mac desktop terminal, can easily achieve point to point and multi point between the global video communication. Xingshitong can effectively improve the customer effect of video conference, open up the upstream and downstream enterprises, quick deployment of video conference system, elastic expansion of video conferencing resource and protect the original investment, reduce investment cost; allow users to easily achieve the global video conferencing, recruitment, training and communication of a variety of applications.
             Star video cloud service, effectively solve the traditional video conference in the construction, use and maintenance of inconvenience. As long as the user through the official website, phone calls or contact the star blockbuster the certification service provider, you can easily experience xingshitong video cloud services to bring you a different experience.
                            The world at your fingertips, let more simple star video conference! Have star vision, global video conference!